About Us


We are pleased to introduce the (DYH) Dancing Yak Handicraft Project to you.

DYH is based in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province in West China. The north and west of this Province is inhabited by Amdo and Kham

Tibetans who live in the high mountains and grasslands up to 4500 meters.

DYH is a skills training center where Tibetans are trained in sewing and anything is connected to it. DYH started in 2011 with the first

Tibetan woman going through the program successfully.

This project is privately owned and sponsored. The number of women can be taken into the program for training and employment is

depending on how much income is available, either through sales or by donations. The need is great. We are still small but have a big vision for the future.

Usually we offer a tow-year training where participants will be well trained in sewing skills, but the time can be adjusted to the individual needs of

the person. The program is designed for disadvantaged Tibetans who have little or no chance of getting into the marketplace and making their own livings. They may be single mothers, or perhaps had no access to education; some have poor family conditions, are disabled or are students who need some income while studying in the city. The goal of DYH is to enable Tibetans with a special skill to find or create employment them-    selves after the training program is finished. If they prefer to remain in the center they can take on some new responsibilities and stay like the very first woman who is still with us and who now trains the newcomers.

Our products are made of Tibetan materials only; mostly yak hair and sheep wool. We receive them from the nomad women who spin and weave it by hand. All are eco-friendly and chemical free made. Besides these textiles, the Tibetans have other wonderful kinds of colorfully patterned cloth, which makes it a joy to design new products.

We have a range of different small and large shoulder bags, computer bags, iPad covers, cellphone bags, pen cases, wallets, dish sets, coasters, table runners, cushion covers, Tibetan slippers, jewelry, cards, notebooks, i.e.

Right now we have a shop in Chengdu and finally our webpage is ready for you too. Please have a look and check it out. I’m sure you will find something you like at https://dancingyakhandicrafts.com

If you would like more information, place an order or want to support us financially please do not hesitate to contact us at


I’m looking forward to hear from you.      

Owner: Katja Forrer